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Editorial service

We focus on research and review papers in the biomedical field, with special attention paid to traditional Chinese medicine articles and biomedical research work conducted in China. Upon receiving a manuscript, our editors will

  • provide the required high-quality editing to allow the journal editor to accept the manuscript for immediate peer review and to make a rapid final editorial decision.
  • format the manuscript to a selected journal's Instructions for Authors.
  • provide detailed notes prepared by the Senior Editor to further assist the author in organizing and preparing the manuscript for submission to the journal.

Translation service

We understand that a great number of researchers in China are only used to writing about their research in their mother tongue ie Chinese. Therefore, the demand remains high for turning their research papers written in Chinese into English so that they will be published in SCI-indexed journals in China or overseas. Upon receiving a manuscript written in Chinese, our translators and editors will

  • provide an preliminary analysis of the paper to assist the author in re-organizing and re-writing (if needed) the manuscript according to international standards.
  • provide high-quality translation of the manuscript into English.
  • have the first draft of the translation reviewed by a native English-speaking editor for editing and comments.
  • finalize the translation and provide the editorial service as described above.



100 USD / 600 CNY / 800 HKD / 800 MOP per 1000 words


200 USD / 1200 CNY / 1600 HKD / 1600 MOP per 1000 words

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