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Recent biomedical projects


In 2006, Chun Un helped launch an open access medical journal in Macao, which is the first of its kind in the Greater China Region (ie Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland) and worked as its senior editor until December 2011. In over 5 years, he was responsible for editing and publishing 144 research and review articles in the field of Chinese medicine and co-wrote an editorial.


Neonatal withdrawal syndrome caused by clozapine and haloperidol: a case report (CN->EN)

A case report of acute liver injury and myopathy caused by simvastatin combined with paroxetine (CN->EN)

Clinical observation of 32 cases of paraquat poisoning treated with hemoperfusion and hemodialysis (CN->EN)

Diffusion tensor imaging and MR spectroscopy in patients with cerebral small vessel disease (CN->EN)

Early use of vacuum sealing drainage to repair the wound of the injured in the Wenchuan earthquake (CN->EN)

Treatment of open fracture in limbs by vacuum sealing technique and internal fixation (CN->EN)

Treatment of traumatic soft tissue defects by vacuum sealing (CN->EN)

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